Today in the city El Cerrito 15.11.2018

This 4K-ready SD card by SanDisk is on sale for $250 off, bringing the price down to just $99

So you just got a new 4K video camera and you're on a quest to be the next Casey Neistat. Suddenly, you discover that the SD card you have can't save 4K video. What do you do? Since more and more devi...

Trump lawyer who represented Hulk Hogan wants to take Yelp to the Supreme Court over bad reviews

The country's highest court would have to agree to the hear the case and rule to overturn a lower court's decision, but the outcome could have widely felt implications on websites that host...

Charging your next home renovation on a credit card could cost you

Homeowners are putting more home renovation purchases on a credit card to rack up rewards or snare zero-percent financing. Here's when it makes sense to remodel your payment habits.

3 Open Seats On Florida's Supreme Court Raise Stakes In Governor's Race

Florida's Supreme Court ruled Gov. Rick Scott cannot appoint replacements for three retiring justices before he leaves office.

TMZ: Kobe Bryant Calmed Upset Crowd at Book Signing After Police Were Called

Kobe Bryant is a man of the people. The future Hall of Famer calmed an unruly crowd at a book signing event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, staying to meet with every fan who came out ...

Obama falsely claims credit for Trump economic achievements

President Obama is perpetuating the myth that his policies are responsible for today's booming economy. The credit belongs to President Trump.

British Academic Accused Of Spying Due In UAE Court, As UK Accused Of Failing To Push For Release

With British researcher Matt Hedges due in court today, it remains unclear how far the case against him has advanced or how much the U.K. government is pushing to secure the release of one of its citi...

Trump officials aggressively bypass appeals process to get issues before conservative Supreme Court

Department of Justice lawyers are increasingly looking to the justices to overturn what Attorney General Jeff Sessions says are overzealous lower-court rulings.

Carrot Fertility Is Making Fertility Treatment Accessible For Marginalized Groups

Carrot is part of a rising crop of fertility-focused startups driving the conversation on what a modern approach to fertility treatment should look like—and who it should include.

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